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A lot has been going on this late summer and fall. I undertook some personal challenges and there were lots of highs. The first highlight was a family reunion after a many year gap that went extremely well, and then a girls weekend at the coast which was a blast ... high school friends ... so awesome to reconnect after so many years, then I scheduled a painting weekend just for me, and then another painting weekend with my niece who came over from Portland to get inspired to paint again. Phew, I'm tired just thinking about all that fun stuff!

One challenge was the painting weekend by myself. A jewelry and painting client talked to me about an abstract for her home in Scottsdale. She kept talking about turquoises and aqua and fuchsias and rusts, yellows and creams. She loves the gem aquamarine and Caribbean blue waters. She then saw a small 7"x5" painting that I have in my jewelry showcase as a backdrop. It was perfect, except she needs a much larger size, 48"x36". I had done that little painting with a squeegee and wasn't sure I could replicate it so large with the same technique. 

My Caribbean-themed painting.

I dug in and started painting it that weekend. Here's a photo and I think I succeeded.  To me it looks like a Caribbean hurricane. I'm loving the vortex the fuchsia and yellow create. Her husband saw it and loved it. She has yet to come in as she was away, but it's okay if she doesn't end up purchasing the painting. I learned a lot and undertook the challenge for my own benefit. I really wanted to see if I could do it and I think I did! 

Special event this First Friday Oct. 2nd ... Beth Hattenberger will be joining us for an evening of Energy Healing. Beth's business is Thriving Body and Soul and she does nutritional counseling as well as energy healing. She'll be sensing for any energy blockages and clearing them, as well as simple balancing. Come in from 5-8pm, meet with Beth one-on-one and see what you'll discover. You'll love her open personality, appreciate her depth of knowledge, and be impressed by her intuitive skills. There is no charge for this brief appointment, and we'll keep a waiting list. Free is good!


New aquamarine ring with diamonds, open-work and bead-blast texture. 

I'm open First Fridays from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and every Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 11:30 - 5:00, and of course by appointment at other times. I'm at 25 NW Minnesota Ave, Suite 5, between Thump Coffee and Alleda Real Estate on Upper Minnesota, Downtown Bend.

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P.S.: After the last newsletter, kind customers have sent in more testimonials. Thank you so much, I have the best clients whom I'm also lucky to call my friends! Also, my niece has been painting at home. Success!