Karen Bandy Studio

Rivers and Paths, and Going Places

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What are some of your favorite things? Hiking, camping, swimming, gardening or just relaxing in the sun with cocktails on the back deck, BBQ, friends and family? All of the above? 

(Just finished! Tanzanite, tourmaline and baroque Tahitian pearls in 14 karat yellow gold)

For me it is hiking and rivers. I love running water and don't spend nearly enough time in the vicinity of good water. It's an energizing, yet calming thing for me, but also a deep philosophical thing for me, all about movement, paths and journeys.

I have been on a personal journey lately, wondering where I am going with my business. I took a very intense step forward and committed to this  e-commerce website. It's a step in the right direction emotionally and physically. It is the future. It is a way to reach a larger audience without drastically increasing my inventory or my physical location. It is growth, and renewal, and flow primarily by putting myself out there into the future.

(Fresh perspective: "Spring Thaw" 12 x 12 acrylic on canvas).

I started painting differently also; I am painting whimsically, boldly yet softly, with energy and excitement popping thru. Fittingly I call this series "Rivers and Paths, and Going Places".