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Sisters, "rock stars"

I was thinking about what I do for a living and how that fits with your wants and desires. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, happy, special and loved. One way women feel those things is to wear jewelry that is special to them. I recently read that there is a fundamental emotional synergy between jewelry and the female wearer. Even if it is only one special piece that becomes your amulet, your trademark, go-to piece of jewelry, when you put on that ring, pendant or earrings, you feel comfort, and feel loved. 


Okay, so how can we create that synergy? You bring in jewelry that you already own but don't wear, and we scrap the gold and use that for credit towards something new for you. And yes, sometimes we can use the gems that were in the old jewelry, or we start from scratch. We can create something new for you, for a daughter or perhaps a sister so they feel loved too. 



From one "rock star"
to another

Speaking of sisters, a client once came in with a special project. Her sister spent several years taking care of their beloved aging mother. Mother and sister lived in the Midwest so it was hard for the local sister to participate too much in their mother's care. When the local sister came in she told me the story, and she said her sister was a rock star. She said she could never repay her for what she had done for their mother, but wanted to show her appreciation in a tangible way. We went through my portfolio of finished pieces and when we came across a photo of a pendant in the shape of a star, we both pointed and said "that's it." 

Star with Aqua

Star with Aqua


With a general direction, I set out to create a unique new piece with that kind of spirit. The star shape became the inspiration, and to truly reflect her sister's personality, we included her favorite gem, aquamarine. This unique, start-from-scratch "star" expressed her true inner self. 


She loved it, and felt loved, too. A week or two later she called me and asked me to create one for the local sister. When complete, I called in the local sister, using the ruse of having to check her wedding ring. When she arrived I made her sit down and revealed a "star" made just for her. It was such a wonderful surprise and we called the sister right there from the shop. 


I love feeling part of my client's lives. I think they appreciate my help, my ability to listen to their wants and desires, and also the quality of the work. It is the perfect synergy between my clients and me. 



Lisa Dae, singing the Great American Songbook
on First Friday

Join me for a special First Friday June 2nd. I am hosting live jazz with Lisa Dae & Gordy Michael. They are a guitar and jazz vocal duo performing songs from the Great American Songbook. They start at 5:30pm. Please come support local music. We'll serve white wine, so please stop by!

I hope to see you tomorrow night 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. 






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