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C'est Lemon Citron

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Crisp, cool evenings and falling leaves ... fall is here! And just in time for autumn I have some new rings and earrings to show you, they're very vibrant and bold. I think you'll like them. Drop by anytime to take a look, and I'll clean and check your rings for you too.

I've also been busy working on a new series of landscape paintings in a new-to-me-medium. It's called cold wax and is similar to hot wax but no heat is involved. The cold wax method is actually an ancient way of painting, but the modern way involves choosing oil paints to mix with the cold wax medium. It allows one to build up layers and texture, and to dig down and reveal the layers underneath too. Many different looks, styles and variations can be created, my style is just one of them. I do them on panels, so no framing is needed; they're ready to hang as they are.

Another of my new cold wax paintings

Another of my new cold wax paintings

The show is titled, "C'est Lemon Citron".

Some of you may recall from past posts that I inherited these supplies from a dear friend who passed, so when I work with cold wax it becomes a way to honor her and our friendship. And it's really fun and challenging too! This new process has gotten me out of my comfort zone and that's a good thing. It's always a good idea to shake oneself up artistically; I'm liking it a lot.