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Color - new ways to use it in your home and on YOU

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Abstract painting by Karen Bandy with oil paint and cold wax.

Abstract painting by Karen Bandy with oil paint and cold wax.

Spring has sprung in Central Oregon, business and design projects are picking up too. I'm learning a new technique in painting and it's been really fun and challenging. That's what keeps us young, right? Learn new things; push ourselves beyond which we thought we were capable.

This new technique is oil paint and cold wax, a very cool (pun intended) process of layering paints to creature texture and depth. So here's one that I have completed you can help with - it needs a title!

If you'd like to add some color to your life, please consider a painting. A new painting in the home adds a spark of life, and it doesn't have to be large. Even an 8x8 or a 12x12 adds a pop of color and meaning to a special nook in your home, or perhaps above your work desk, next to a lamp. I also like small paintings in bathrooms and kitchens. And no, it's not offensive to artists when clients put treasured pieces in the bathroom!

Thinking of another spark of color - for yourself? That's jewelry. Consider a custom ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings. I have many in the showcase ready for you to wear today, or if you'd like to work on something from scratch just let me know. Every piece I design is one-of-a-kind. I start with the colorful gems or diamonds, and the ideas fly from there. Choose your favorite gem from my collection or I will get something in for you. If I don't already have what you want, one of my worldwide suppliers will. My gem traders travel the entire world in search of unique stones and I often get first pick. Come in, let's play with gems and see what enhances your colorful life!

If you'd like some design ideas to start with, click here. 

PS: If you'd like any information on cleaning jewelry or would like me to clean it free with my new equipment call anytime!