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Custom orders filled, plus a few other things you will want to see from the gem show

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While the weather in Tucson was much better than here, I am glad to be back from a very successful buying trip to the largest gem show in the world. I was fortunate enough to fulfill orders for sapphires and a gorgeous emerald too. I also brought back some great pearls, opals and some amethyst geodes from Uruguay that are now on display and ready for you to choose from!

These museum-quality geodes are perfect for your home. Visit the studio to see them in person.

These museum-quality geodes are perfect for your home. Visit the studio to see them in person.

If you don't already know, February's birthstone is Amethyst. And no wonder, it's the perfect gem for February, for a number of reasons:

According to Melody in the book Love is in the Earth, Amethyst 'bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace.' How perfect is that for Valentine's month? She also says amethyst is a gem of spirituality and contentment.

Amethyst is a variety of quartz, just in striking, vivid colors unlike the more common white-clear. These new geodes are from Uruguay, naturally formed. Even the unique heart-shaped ones I've obtained were created deep in the earth by Mother Nature. The edges are polished to enhance the shape, and the stands are handmade in Uruguay by local craftspeople. I felt so close to the source picking these for you. Let's face it, picking any kind of gem is fun, but there is the feeling of a treasure hunt when I come across these hard-to-find examples!

I specialize in custom design one-of-a-kind designs. Unlike others in this business I have been here in Bend for over 32 years and have been designing jewelry since I was young. It's in my blood. I hope to share my expertise with you, give me a call today.

Some other news ... some of my paintings will be on display at North Soles Footwear in Downtown Bend. The show opens First Friday March 1st, and runs for two months. North Soles is located at the corner of Wall and Franklin at 800 NW Wall street. It's always fun to see a group of my work shown in a different venue, it gives me a different perspective and gives me ideas for future work. Please stop in, check out the art and maybe find a new pair of shoes for spring!