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Vacation time! Protect your jewelry ... and your peace of mind, with these tips and a free online guide!

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A few years ago I wrote a blog about an amazing jewelry lost and found story, the woman lost her ring in the surf in Hawaii. She visited the same beach nine years later and ran into a guy with a metal detector and he miraculously had the ring! She was so lucky and according to Jewelers Mutual Insurance, she was among the one percent of people who ever recover their lost jewelry. That's when people joke that she should have purchased a lottery ticket that day.

Following is an excerpt from InStore, a jewelry industry publication. It's a valuable read about your most treasured jewelry, and may help you prevent a loss. If you have any questions please reply to this newsletter or give me a call. We can talk about options for you, and about Jewelers Mutual too. I don't make any money when you sign with Jewelers Mutual, but in the case of a loss they come to me to replace your item. That helps both of us.

Recent custom design, emerald engagement ring.

Recent custom design, emerald engagement ring.

[We also need to discuss your having an objective appraisal. Qualified, independent appraisers not associated with a store offer the best information and valuations. It's all they do, they have years of schooling and continue to study current values, industry trends and techniques.]

Anyway, here's the article ...

The number of travelers reporting lost or stolen jewelry has doubled over the past four years, according to a national survey by Jewelers Mutual. The survey revealed that 20 percent of respondents suffered a jewelry loss while on vacation.

Jewelers Mutual reports the most risky place for travelers to wear fine jewelry is at the beach. And while the insurance company advises sun worshippers to protect their jewelry in a room safe or hotel vault before heading to the water's edge, too many are choosing to tempt fate. The result: 27 percent of all travel-jewelry losses can be traced to where surf meets the sand.

Only one percent of lost or stolen jewelry is ever recovered by their owners. "Travel continues to be a vulnerable time to misplace or have jewelry stolen," noted Don Elliott, director of claims at Jewelers Mutual. "Travelers can and should insure their jewelry, and there are also steps they can take to minimize risk."

Elliot outlined these important tips ...

Document: As you're packing, take a photo of the pieces you're taking with you. If you need to file a police report for any reason, this proof of ownership will be very helpful.

Client trying on her wax model, an important step in the design process.

Client trying on her wax model, an important step in the design process.

Client trying on her wax model, an important step in the design process.

Carry It: Never put jewelry in a checked bag. Wear it or stow it in your carry-on bag and keep that bag in sight at all times.

Don't Post It: Avoid being an easy target. Don't share photos on social media of your jewelry or where you are staying.

Wear Wisely: Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming, especially in cold water where finger sizes can temporarily shrink.

Tuck Away: Never leave jewelry out in the open. Use the safe in your room or hotel vault. (Note, I personally think the hotel vault is the safest option, ask when you check in, they are sometimes hard to get).

Conceal Don't Reveal: Tuck necklaces inside your shirt, turn your engagement ring to the inside of your hand and cover any bracelets or watches with a sleeve when in dangerous areas.

Button Up: If you' Penny decided to add some
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re packing earrings, fasten them to an extra button to avoid them being separated or misplaced.

Suck It Up: Thread necklaces through a paper straw. This will prevent them from being easily misplaced or lost, with the added benefit of avoiding a tangled mess.

Jewelers Mutual also introduced its new digital publication called "Your Guide For Traveling With Jewelry." It covers packing, time away, and upon-return tips, as well as advice for buying jewelry on vacation and what to do if your jewelry is lost or stolen while traveling. Click this link for more information.