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Recently a client came to me with a dilemma, and the good news is, there's a happy ending!


But first, here's the backstory: I had a client who was a wonderfully generous, and intelligent woman and for lack of a better word, was my patron for many years starting in the mid-nineties. She was a pioneer in her field and a testament to womanhood, surviving ovarian cancer as a young woman, but the treatments left her with holes in her pelvis from the radical radiation, which turned crippling in later years. A physician, after retirement she volunteered with Doctors Without Borders. She also played a lot of golf and loved good food and wine, enjoying life with generosity and gratitude in her heart. She passed about four years ago and I still miss her friendship and wit.

A recent timeless ring design.

A recent timeless ring design.

She loved cars and luckily, also jewelry and she loved giving. She bought jewelry for herself but also bought jewelry for others from me: close friends of hers for whom she had great affection. She enjoyed working with me on designs, helping out my business and loved the process and the closeness. She also bought ready-to-wear treasures out of my showcase.

So back to the dilemma, one of the most frequent recipients of her generosity called me and explained that she just wasn't wearing some of the gifts she'd received from my client. It felt like a burden for her to have so much, and she hoped she wasn't offending me. I told her to bring in what she wasn't wearing, and we'd have a look. After the fun reminiscences with the jewelry (yes, I'm weird that way), the first thing that struck me was how timeless these pieces actually were. And, most are yellow gold, which has made a strong resurgence in recent years. After all the fun, we decided the pieces could find a new home.

It took a lot of time to research details through old receipts, job envelopes, inventory cards, and then arrive at a reasonable price for today. We also had to factor in that the pieces were previously worn, however lightly, realizing that appealing prices are key in an estate showcase. I have added a few other estate pieces from other clients, and decided to only show and sell pieces that I have designed or sold in the past when I had my larger store.

Adding her pieces to the current inventory and it was logical to put in a special estate case. I have received tons of positive feedback and have already sold many of them. I love the confirmation that these pieces are appealing today.

Perhaps you are looking for something ready to wear and a bit more affordable. Let's talk. It could be a win for everyone, especially those who provide a new home for these treasures!

The lesson here, trust a jeweler whose designs are timeless.

Okay, just a little bragging here, but it's the clean lines and seemingly simple (but actually complex) designs that make them timeless. That, combined with feminine and elegant touches and no unwarranted busyness, continues as my esthetic to make my jewelry unique and current. Call me today to design your timeless design.