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Unique, One-of-a-Kind Rings by Karen Bandy
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Custom ring in Bend Oregon by award-winning jewelry designer Karen Bandy

“When you look at my rings you will see an emphasis on color, clean lines, and sculptural shapes, echoing the world around us. Influenced by everything from nature to architecture,” jewelry by Karen Bandy of Bend, Oregon is unique and individualistic as well as beautiful. Design and goldsmithing are of the highest quality, Karen’s rings are always one-of-a-kind, and very wearable. They fit your lifestyle, your personality; and become an expression of you.”

Karen says: “Gems play a very important role in my jewelry and become the focal point for almost every piece. It’s fun to see people’s faces when they look at a beautiful ring set with an exquisite gem.  Shopper’s sense of wonder and their openness to something unique and different is always gratifying.

“The gems I use are unique, some are so rare most people have never heard of them, and they surprise one with their beauty. They also spark surprise with their affordability, a gorgeous gem can be expensive or very reasonable. It depends on the gem type, not just rarity. I can guide you through all the choices from color to clarity to wearability, helping with the decision-making process. I use recycled white and yellow gold in all of my designs, and if you want platinum that is also often recycled as well.

Unique Custom Rings Made Just For You

“If you don’t see exactly what you want in my current selection of one-of-a-kind ready-to-wear rings, I can custom design something just for you. I have access to world wide gem sources, many are fair trade and sustainable. For more about custom design, click here.

All the rings shown on my website are available to ship from Karen Bandy gallery and studio, are one-of-a-kind and ready to take their place on your finger. They are for you to enjoy for many years to come, and to pass along to your children as heirlooms.