Karen Bandy Studio

Rustic Diamond rings

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This "stack" has rustic diamonds in 
taupe, nutmeg and luminous green; each ring sold individually, please check this website, under "rings"  for availability. 


To make these rings unique I combined rustic rose cut diamonds with clear and pristine modern white diamonds, and sometimes black diamonds. One ring features a nutmeg color, rose-cut pear-shape diamond accented with rustic diamond cubes that were mined in the cube shape. I used these intriguing diamond cubes in exactly the same form they had when discovered deep in the ground. Working with the earth and spanning millions of years to create something totally wearable is a wonderful feeling.

As you'll see in the photo, for fun I paired some stacking rings with my designs. The stackers are quite traditional in style, adding a unique twist to the more rustic diamond pieces. You'll also notice the hammered and shiny surfaces of the white, yellow and rose gold.