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Finding inspiration in nature...

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Finding inspiration in nature

I have written about finding inspiration before. Sure enough, it almost always comes back to nature's direct influence. At the very least it comes back to being refreshed by nature; rivers, streams, green foliage, and this time really big red rocks!


We just returned from a trip to the southwest starting with a quick stopover in Santa Fe and the Georgia O'Keeffe museum. Talk about being influenced by nature, pretty much everything she did was a reflection of nature. I find her work so inspiring and beautiful, even a ram skull was beautiful. When I have been to Santa Fe in the past the museum has been closed so this was a treat for me. Thank you husband Scott for going out of our way, dragging a trailer behind in downtown Santa Fe! Parking was no easy task I might add.

The big red rocks were at Arches National Park and along the Colorado River near Moab, Utah. We explored the park and I took lots of photos, and then we drove down a canyon of the Colorado River in search of ancient petroglyphs. Included are a few photos from the trip.

It's always nice to come home to beautiful Bend and our dogs. Returning home makes me appreciate the beauty all around us all the more. Speaking of beautiful Bend, it is time for First Friday and salsa dancing in the alley behind my store! Please come join us this First Friday July 3rd for a few new paintings, crisp white wine, and dancing. It should be fun! A pro is leading the dancing so you can talk to him about lessons, too.