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Making it all your own ... your personal statement

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I've talked a lot about turning a favorite piece of jewelry into your signature piece, and when you do that it becomes a personal amulet of sorts, almost a sacred object. You become known for that gorgeous piece. It can offer you protection, comfort or just joy. I've got a lot of ideas and materials for making your most-loved jewelry "your own," so bring in your favorite and let's explore. Here's one:

To turn your favorite pendant into an amulet, besides wearing it a lot, you can make it your own by changing up how it hangs. Many of you know that I wear a South Seas pearl drop almost every day. I usually wear it on a black wire, but when I was at the Tucson show recently I found a killer buy on some tanzanite beads. So, I strung one strand as a single strand and made sure that my pendant bail would slide over the clasp, and strung the other 3 strands together. So now I can wear my pearl on the black wire or on the tanzanite strand, or a yellow gold chain. To turn up the volume a bit I can also wear the multi-Tahitian strand at the same time. It's fun and colorful and adds a lot of versatility to my pearl. You create a life, a personality, and a bond with your pearl, it's your own.

South Seas pearl, 18ky bail and cap, and tanzanite beads

I have lots of pearl drops in stock, come in and we can play with different ways to wear them. The least expensive way to wear a pearl drop is on what I call black elephant wire, and prices start at $120. Pearl drops start at $599 and go up from there. These are all nice big pearls, not the tiny drop that you may have been given for graduation.  

Check out the pictures for thought starters, and give me a call or stop by. The fun part of my job is helping you create a look all your own. If pearl is not your thing we can work on something else you already have, a gemstone that I have in my stock, or we can search the world for a new favorite!